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Buildings & steel structures, shelter, silos, lofts, warehouses, overlays and roofing…

SAS works on a daily basis in close collaboration with its collaborators to provide the best products and thus meet the requirements of its customers. We have advanced technology to offer our clientele quality products with experienced and steel-mastered collaborators.
Structures acier et services
Buildings and steel structures.

SAS offers personalized solutions. Custom-made, pre-designed metal structures adapted to the requirements and needs of customers in accordance with international standards. The buildings and products designed by the SAS are custom steel structures, depending on the style of roof and frame that the customer desires. We take meticulous care to offer you a plan that will meet your requirements perfectly. Our quality steel sheds are durable and adapt to most budget constraints.

  • Sheds

  • Free-Range Building

  • Architectural Steel

  • Logistic Warehouse

  • Farm

Structures acier et services

We provide affordable shelters for all applications in all areas. Our structures require less installation time and are easily transportable. Our shelters are an economical solution for standard shelter requirements, with a durable and reliable security for the protection of valuables.

  • Industrial shelters

  • Offices

  • Bus shelters

  • Stations and other public services

Structures acier et services

SAS Designs The silos according to your needs and with the latest technological means, using the best qualities and according to the devices in force. Our silos are resistant to erosion, waterproof and provide protection for your raw materials.

We have a team of internal engineers and technologies at the forefront, which allows us to provide a first class service and offer longer guarantees for our products.

  • Flat Bottom Silos

  • Silos with tapered bottom

  • Silos for the farm

  • Accessories

Structures acier et services

SAS Products Storage systems to ensure better management of your stock. We design storage shelves for storing your goods. We provide:

  • Mezzanines

  • Long-range Shelving

  • Dynamic Shelving

  • Shelving accumulation

  • Selective shelving

Structures acier et services
Overlay panels and roofs.

We provide overlay panels for your structures and buildings but also steel architectural facades for your structures and buildings. We design roofs for your buildings made according to the criteria and dimensions desired by our clientele.

Our accomplishments

Together we make all the difference!

Our expertise and technological innovations in steel processing have enabled us to develop quality products and services to meet market demands.